Farm to Table Plant-Based Experiences


Kyle Johnson (Founder) believes himself to be a ordinary man with an extraordinary vision for underserved communities in Long Beach and Compton, California.


This vision he possess starts with food. Motivated by the opposition/push back from family and peers at the time, Mr. Johnson decided to transform his life by exploring a diet free of animals and animal by-products in 2011. As a result, this caterpillar-to-butterfly-esque metamorphosis inspired the creation of MarketLovr in 2015.


MarketLovr is a passion project turned non-profit organization; the primary aim is to bring the knowledge and practicality of plant-based living to urban neighborhoods throughout the cities of Long Beach and Compton.


Kyle continues to chip away at this massive goal by mentoring the city's youth primarily at Long Beach Polytechnic High School (his alma mater), facilitating and running "Ask A Chef" pop up cooking demonstrations throughout Long Beach/Compton, conducting cooking classes for young people, creating accessible/easy-to-follow-along digital plant-based/vegan cookbooks, and staying involved in community politics and food activism. Kyle hopes to bring joy to his community in a way that is inspiring, healthy, and sustainable as he continues to be a champion for his hometown and an advocate for global change.

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