Market LOVr. exists to generate access to and experiences with local, plant-based foods in marginalized communities in order to alleviate preventable, chronic conditions and lead to healthier future generations


Founded in 2015 in Long Beach, California, Market LOVr. provides donation-based meals and interactive educational opportunities to communities who have historically lacked access to healthy, nutritious food that is delicious and affordable. We are committed to partnering with local businesses and social entrepreneurs to build awareness and contribute to a sustainable community ecosystem.




Kyle Johnson
Founder, Director of Culinary Art 

Adrienne (Ada) Hopkins
Co-Founder, Director of Marketing & Operations


 Market LOVr.s

Brandon Banks
Assistant Chef

Ian Bruce
IT Manager

Robert Craig

Jasmine Croom
Graphic Designer




Dezinae Ealy
Office Manager

O'dell Johnson

Antonio Keys
Business Development

Glyness Kyles
Event coordinator






Jonathan Monette
Food Distributor

Arlanda Northington
Human Resources

Mansour Abdur-Rahim
Assistant Chef

Idalia Rodriguez
Executive Chef



Will Sanchez
Business Development

Nidhi Satya
Social Entrepreneur

Rachel Schwarz

Robert Terry
Fitness Expert

Volunteer Engagement Opportunities 

Volunteer LOVr's 


At Market LOVr., we aim to connect with individuals who possess a fiery energy for working to ensure that all have access to whole and nutritious foods, particularly in food desert communities. We believe that it will take a village to achieve the change we want to see in the world so we thank you wholeheartedly for the energy you choose to contribute to this mission!


  • Passionate about topics such as: access to healthy food, community gardening, health education, nutrition, physical activity, or economic development
  • Ability to build meaningful connections with others  
  • Strong communication skills (e.g., ability to resolve conflict, mediate difficult conversations, express opinions)   
  • Ready to change the world through a whole and balanced approach to helping friends, family and neighbors gain access to and education about natural foods

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